Thursday, February 09, 2006

Is Rabbi Tendler Guilty - Part Two

The only way to prove guilt or innocence is to be exonerated or found guilty in a legitimate Bet Din – or court. It is easy to be proven guilty in the court of public opinion, especially when the people making the charges do not have to answer publicly.
Anonymity was the first indication that these charges were baseless. This is not about being a victim, or even protecting future victims.
Ask yourselves: If these people had evidence, such as an incriminating tape or DNA evidence, why has it not been brought forward? NHN, which has already commented on this blog, has made repeated threats to release "evidence." As of this posting, no evidence has ever been seen or heard.


Blogger TendlerTruth said...

Leah Maranelli (NHN) will not let me comment on her blog.

Anyone can comment as long as you agree with her.

Where's the evidence?

Up Up
Down Down
Right Left
And All Around
Here There And Everywhere

Oh...that's Uncle Moishe.

Where's the evidence?

Post the recordings?

Where's the DNA?

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