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Rabbi Tendler must have a Bet Din

To clarify what has been reported, the Rabbi's did not claim that Rabbi Tendler is innocent of all charges. The problem all this time is that people make claims without knowing the facts. In this case, the respective Rabbi's have determined that Rabbi Tendler was not granted basic right's. Because of this, Rabbi Tendler is not to be treated any differently unless the time comes when a legitimate Bais Din finds against him. This is the proper and correct thing to do.


Blogger Ericksonian Hypnosis said...

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Blogger New Hempstead News said...

Tendler already chose a Bais Din, he in fact sent a hand written response to the RCA,in effect saying that "Two legitimate Batei Dinim vindicated him."
The facts were of course different, these joint Batei Dinim found him a liar and unfit to be a Rabbi
He had his day in court, and he failed!

9:26 AM  
Blogger TendlerTruth said...


There has been no court date.

There has been no Beis Din investigating charges.

And you can't censor this blog.

So, go cry on your own blog.

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Blogger KNHmember said...

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Blogger KNHmember said...

Yes he needs a Bais Din. So what's wrong with Mechon L'hora in Monsey. Why is he so afraid of them? The RCA has agreed to go there. Why do he insist on a Bais Din in Isreal (which he ran to without informing the RCA). Lets get this over with.
But, for the life of me, I can't begin to understand what he is going to ask the Bais Din for (assuming that it comes to this). Does he really want the RCA to take him back? For what? To return his kovod? To say he's an outstanding member of the Rabinate? Whatever the outcome, the members of the shul have voted with their feet, YU will not take him back. So what's he going to gain?
This is all so sad, I am sorry to say that I lost a friend, mentor, confidant and a rov.

7:10 AM  
Blogger New Hempstead Truth said...

To knhmember: As in all legal proceedings, a party attempts to find a locale that will be more amenable to their position. The Monsey politics are so charged that, IMO, taking the entire case out of Monsey makes perfect sense. Taking it to Israel seems a bit extreme to me but taking it out of Monsey religious politics is the proper thing to do.

It seems obvious to me what he is really seeking from the Beis Din is for an independent third party to validate his position that he is innocent and that the RCA acted improperly. It's not a question of being a member or not nor is it a question of kavod. Public opinion aka lashon hara has been clobbering him for a long time now. It has impacted his employment and his shul. Let's play this out and say there is a Beis Din and it finds there to be no credible evidence nor witnesses and finds him innocent of all charges. I would guess that it would order the RCA to reinstate him, ultimately YU as well. If I were him, I would pass on the RCA. However, YU would be in a bit of a pickle at that point.

The biggest issue now is to move this forward and quickly. Whether in zabla or a different Beis Din (I believe the Jerusalem Beis Din approved either), it has to start already for the sake of the shul and the community.

What would be interesting to see is, if he is found completely innocent, whether those who left the shul would return.

7:40 AM  
Blogger TendlerTruth said...

What would be really interesting would be if Leah Maranelli would make public the information she claims to have?

Leah, do you have tapes of Rabbi Tendler?

Leah, do you have a DNA report?

Leah, do you have copies of a pay off check?

Post them or be considered a fraud.

12:52 PM  

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